Business initiatives
Priority business initiatives

Priority business initiatives

1. Regulation

Law 5/2017, of 19 October,  on the promotion of the implementation of business initiatives in Galicia.

  • To stimulate economic activity by attracting new business initiatives and facilitating investment.
  • To promote projects that create added value in the areas of innovation, internationalisation and competitiveness.
  • To simplify the administrative procedures necessary for implementation.

Those initiatives that meet at least two of the following requirements may be declared as priority business initiatives:

  • Involving a minimum investment volume in fixed assets, excluding real estate, of one million euros, including those electricity generation projects from renewable sources whose final destination of the electricity produced is the supply of Galician industry.
  • Involving the creation of a minimum of 25 direct jobs, under the modality of an indefinite contract and calculated on a full-time basis, not being applicable to wind projects regulated in Law 8/2009, of 22 December. (*)
  • Instruments for the mobilisation, recovery, production and sustainable use of agricultural and forestry land, as well as comprehensive rural development plans or actions.
  • Complementing value chains or belonging to sectors considered strategic or that are integrated in the financing of the temporary European recovery instrument, Next Generation EU.

(*) Wind projects regulated in Law 8/2009, of 22 December, which are not associated with industrial self-consumption may be considered as priority business initiatives if they justify an industrial commitment related to the implementation of a wind project involving the creation or consolidation of at least 25 direct jobs in Galicia, under an open-ended contract and on a full-time basis, as well as those projects that justify the totality of the industrial commitments derived from Order of 29 March 2010, or those projects involving an investment exceeding 20 million euros provided that they have a firm and valid access and connection permit and that they have authorised or executed evacuation infrastructures in operation that allow the discharge into the transmission or distribution network of the electricity generated.

Interested parties submitting projects that meet these requirements may apply online to be declared as a priority business initiative.

Apply for declaration as a priority business initiative

  • Priority status for carrying out the procedures within the competence of the General Administration of the Autonomous Region of Galicia.
  • Existence of reasons of public interest for the purposes of the urgent processing of the procedures. The time limits established for the common procedure will be reduced by half.
  • The Doing Business Office will monitor and promote the subsequent administrative procedures necessary for its implementation.